JL Audio C3 Series


What about getting a couple of Speaker setup for your car that is pretty cool and awesome in look. Look no more. Our JL Audio series is what you want.

There is a little difference between a good speaker and a great speaker. Only needs a great look of the professional to find the difference. Why waste time to search for other speakers when you know you are looking on the dream speakers for your car.

Best preference

22jhbdfhhuTalking about freedom, you can easily use the JL Audio C3 Series for you best preference, and you can customize it however you want. Sound’s awesome right? More than that, it comes in pretty much in every best fit size you can think of; 5 inches, 5×7 inch, 6.5 inches or 6×8 inch. We believe in customer trust, and it’s all about your preference and your way of styling things.

It doesn’t end there, with each set you will get 300 watts, speakers. So, you will get 150 watts on each speaker. Standard power will be the half of the 150 watts. That’s 75 watts for each one. The frequency rate is carefully managed for the best experience and ranges from 48 to 25000 Hz. That’s the maximum range you can reach now in the market. Of the exact frequency, it settles to 3 decibels, and that’s the best you can get in this range of speakers.


We are providing you the best of what we have in comfortable price and pack of the feature. The quality sound with 93 dB of sensitivity rating and 4 Ohms of impedance that’s what your car is in need for. The quality sound right into your vehicle is making you’re each drive melodious and ear soothing. We don’t have any 6.5-inch speakers in the market right now, but you can trust us completely on the quality we are providing. You won’t find any speakers better than these with such great features in the market.

So, Great quality packed up with the best frequency and high sensitivity that’s the speaker you need for your car. It’s very flexible and the best for your customization. Customize it, bundle it with your modification or just attach it and play. It all depends on you about how you want to use it.This evolutionary module of our product is eagerly waiting for your response, and we will be happy to get it to you in the best possible way we can. Our market is available everywhere, and you can easily reach out to us.

Product price

33 mndkjjBut every good thing comes with a little bit of price. So, the price of our product might look jaw dropping, but you will discover why the price is nothing in front of our speakers. You can check the price online, and please feel free to check out our official website http://gear4wheels.com/best-car-speakers/ because lot’s of things are happing around quickly and we don’t want you to feel obsolete. We will reply to your every query and feel free to ask for any queries. Our company believes in use and trust method. So, use it and believe it. It’s just one click away from you.…

Limousine Services – When Do You Need One?

If you are looking for limo services to grace any of your occasions, do not hesitate to consider Miami Limo Servicer, for the best limos in town. But wait, why do people need limos services? For those who do not have an idea of when they can go for limo services, then this publication is for you.

Various occasions that need a limo service

Prom night

Now that the high school life is coming to an end, your prom night needs to be a special one. While you do not need to hire a whole ten seater limo by yourself, you and your friends can come together and get one as a group. Most prom nights are characterized by dropping of teenagers by different limos, and you do not want to be left behind.



Having a limo on your wedding is optional, but most people prefer to use one. It makes the day special since it will probably be the only once in your life. Apart from gracing your wedding day, a limo with enough sitting capacity can carry the whole bridal procession together. Limo services during a wedding have become so popular to an extent people associate them with it.

Birthday anniversary

People celebrate their birthday anniversaries once a year. While one has a choice to celebrate it the way they want, it is common to see limos being used for these occasions. It is popularly used by the young adults who need to stand out and give their friends a special treat in efforts to enjoy this special day. When hiring a limo for a birthday party make sure that it will accommodate all your friends. This vehicle may be picking you and your friends to the hotel or the venue of the celebrations.

Wine tour

Do you know that you can take wine or any other alcohol tour in a limo? Well, people have done it and you too can. Limo services for the wine tour are becoming popular nowadays especially those that involve visiting breweries and various wine presses. Depending on the area you come from, you can rest assured to you will get a wine related limo tour. It is best done as a group rather than alone.



Limo service providers have other numerous services like diplomat transfers, celebrity transfers and much more. If you have any occasion like the one above or others, make sure that you visit a limo service provider’s website to learn more.…

Six Tips For Choosing A Rough Country Light Bar


Offroad driving puts a LED light bar to the ultimate test. With the many issues that come with driving on unpaved roads, it’s necessary that you pick an excellent lighting bar that can bear hours of use and battery. You will waste your time and money if you don’t take your time to make the right choice. Additionally, always remember that you are putting your life at risk driving off the road with a bad rough county light bar.

When driving on unpaved roads, you must have excellent visibility. It is among the many reasons why you should carry out a detailed research before picking a particular lighting equipment. Here are six hints that you should consider when purchasing a rough country light bar to be installed on your off-road vehicle.

Keep off low-quality devices

22ldkljjnAs mentioned before, off road driving will put your light bar to the test. If it is not well built and of low quality, the chances that the mounts will be damaged or the lens will fall out after your first trip are very high. Never pick a lighting device if you question its features.

Acknowledge brightness

Because you need lots of light when driving on uneven terrain, choose a lighting device with the brightest light. If you are torn between two devices, always go with the one having a higher wattage. Such a device is powerful and thus more capable of producing brighter illumination.

Check illumination type

When it comes to uneven country light bars, you can choose between one that produces a spot or flood beam. If you are looking to illuminate further distances, you should consider a spot beam. On the flipside, if your intention is providing a wider coverage a flood beam will be ideal for your case.

Consider size

It’s a no-brainer that you need a significant lighting device for off-road driving. There are custom uneven country light bars that measure from between six to forty inches. The measurement of the led bar that you choose will determine where it will be placed on the vehicle. For instance, if it measures about twenty inches than you can put it on the bull bar of your vehicle. On the opposite, if it measures forty inches then you will have to place it on the roof of your car.

Double or single row

33fjkjfkjjCustom uneven country light bars come with either double or single row of LEDs. Every type has its main merits, so it is a grand idea to weigh your options carefully to ensure that you get the right lighting device. For example, single row light bars create better spot lights while double row light bars produce better flood lights.

Shockproof devices

Off the road LED light bars are subject to extreme violations. That aside, pick a shockproof light bar to ensure that it won’t fail even when driving on uneven terrain. And that is not all. Also get antivibration fittings for your device because they will help extend the lifespan of the bar and keep it in excellent condition.…

The Importance Taking Motorcycle Classes For Riders

Motorcycles are a convenient means of transport. They also help one move easily in areas where motor vehicles cannot access easily. However, there have been many cases of motorcycle accidents with some being fatal while others were maimed for life. This is because some people rode their bikes without having the necessary licenses to do so. For this reason, the following is the importance of taking motorcycle classes for riders.


It is a rule that one has to get a license for riding a motorcycle. It is an offense to ride a bike without a license. For one to get the license or an endorsement on their license they ought to go for classes. The classes should also be authorized by the relevant authorities to offer such lessons. After successful completion of the classes, one can then have their assessment done before the governing authority issues a license.

Safety purposes

Safety on the road begins with you whether you are a pedestrian, rider or driver. When one goes for the motorcycle riding classes, it enhances their safety and that of others. The classes ensure that one gets the necessary skills before they are released to ride on the road with other road users. Having someone who does not know how to ride a motorcycle on the road poses a threat to themselves and the other road users. It is safe for one to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills on how to ride the motorcycle.

Skills improvement

One may have known how to ride by other ways. However, going for motorcycle riding classes makes them sharpen their skills further. They get knowledge which helps them become better riders. Besides that, when they learn how to ride by themselves they may miss out on the important things they ought to know. Going for classes makes them go through a comprehensive syllabus which covers all the necessary areas.


Reduction of insurance rates

Some motorcycle riding school offer the safety classes in addition to the riding classes. In some countries having the safety classes certification makes one pay less insurance premium rates. This makes them cut on their insurance costs. One should first confirm with their insurance service provider if such benefits exist with the cover they intend to take.

Proper record of riding

Having attended a professional riding course makes one have a better record of riding. The riders are more likely to develop better riding habits which they can use to better their lives with. They are also likely to get better jobs as riders since they have a clean record of riding as a result of attending the motorcycle riding classes.

It is true riding a bike is perfected through practice. However, having the necessary skills will also contribute to one being a better rider. The classes should not be taken for granted but should be attended with all the seriousness they deserve so that they become better road users.…

Welcome to the Ottawa International Hockey Festival Homepage

“Featuring the World’s Premier ATOM Hockey Tournament”
“Message from Honourary Co-Chair”
Ottawa Senators Defenseman, Jason YorkDEAR TEAM OFFICIALS:


The first annual Bell Canada Ottawa International Hockey Festival promises to be an exciting event hilighted by the world’s premier Atom age hockey tournament. I am pleased and proud that the tournament organizers have asked me to serve as the honourary co-chair for the inaugural festival. The tournament and festival will take place in the Ottawa area from January 6th to 9th, 2000.

The tournament will feature boys and girls divisions competing for the BELL CANADA CUP in nine different categories. These include Boys Major AAA, Minor AAA, Major AA, Minor AA, Major A, Minor A, Major B and House League A. There will also be a girls Open Competitive Division.


I grew up and played my minor hockey in the Ottawa area for the Nepean Minor Hockey Association. I now play my hockey at the Corel Centre, which I must say is one cool arena and one of the very best in the world.

A unique feature of our Tournament is that all Championship games will be played on Championship Sunday at the Corel Centre, home of my team, the Ottawa Senators.


Details of the first annual Bell Canada International Hockey Festival will continue to be worked on throughout the summer. In addition, if you have any questions there are lots of people standing by to help you. You can phone, fax or even email me at jasonyork@ottawasenators.com.

The tournament is planning to attract teams from across Canada and the United States. For out of town teams a central reservation number with our Tourism Authority will be established that will assist with any hotel reservations required. As well, in September a list of participating hotels will be available by fax and through our web site.


Thank You and I hope to see you all in our Nation’s Capital in January 2000.

Best Regards,

Jason York, Ottawa Senators
Honourary Co-Chair
Bell Canada International Hockey Festival…