Q: Is there any benefit to sending in my application early?
A: The selection committee for the 2013 Bell Capital Cup will meet on a weekly basis accepting teams at the beginning of each week. This will allow teams the opportunity to plan, fundraise, and organize their trip to Ottawa.
Q: How do I know if you received my application?
A: Once the application is received, it is input into our database. An email is then sent out automatically to the email address indicated on the application (please print your email address clearly to ensure that the return email is sent to the correct address). This email acknowledges receipt of your application as well as provides you with information to complete the online portion of the application. This email is not an offer of acceptance into the tournament.
Q: Why does the application form request a username and password?
A: The username and password will provide you with access the second half of the application form which is found online via the link provided in the email sent to teams upon receipt of their application. We suggest that the username and password be something that you will easily remember. In addition, we recommend not giving the username and password out to anyone so that the information on the application remains correct.
Q: How many All-Star selections will I have to make?

Selections (including the number of players and positions) will be randomly assigned by the tournament committee after the entire division has been finalized.  The final number will be assigned in conjunction with the schedule in mid-December.


Q: What does the online portion of the application contain?
A: The online portion of the application contains requests for various information including coach's information, manager's information, and your team's roster. In addition, the online component allows teams to input their team photo for use in the tournament program, All-Star and Skills competition rosters, and a section for your team's game results. Finally, the online application keeps track of what the Bell Capital Cup's registrar has received and what is still missing from the application form. Please note that all offers of acceptances are tentative until all components of the application are received.
Q: Do I have to enter my team's game results?
A: Yes. The Bell Capital Cup organizing committee requests that each team continuously update the game results section of the online application form, including all exhibition games, tournament games and league games. This information is used when determining appropriate divisions for each team as well as in the seeding process.
Q: How do I enter my team's photo into the Bell Capital Cup website?
A: Entering your team's photo onto the website is much like attaching a document to an email. Simply click on the Photo/Team Results tab, then click on the Browse Button. Once you have located the photo on your computer, click save. Your photo's location on your computer should be displayed in the Team Photo window. Prior to exiting the website, ensure that you click "Update Changes," to complete the process.
Q: When will the first offers of acceptance be sent out?
A: The 2012 Bell Capital Cup selection committee will meet on a weekly basis beginning in May and continually accept teams at the beginning of each week. Please note that all competitive teams that apply prior to August 1st will be guaranteed acceptance.
Q: When does my team have to be ready to play?

All teams must be prepared to start at 7:45am on Friday, December 28th.


Q: At what levels is bodychecking allowed?
A: Bodychecking is permitted at the Major Peewee AAA and Minor Peewee AAA levels only. Bodychecking will be prohibited at all other levels.
Q: Does my team have to participate in the Scotiabank-Canadian Tire All-Star games and Skills Competition?
A: YES. The Bell Capital Cup is proud to host the Skills Competition and Scotiabank-Canadian Tire All-Star games as a unique and innovative way to promote fundamental skill development in atom and peewee aged players. Both are considered featured, and favourite, events for the players. When teams accept entrance into the Bell Capital Cup they do so knowing that participation in the Skills Competition and Scotiabank-Canadian Tire All-Star Game is mandatory for ALL teams. This includes teams that have games, or could have playoff-round games, on the same day as the Skills Competition and/or Scotiabank-Canadian Tire All-Star game. Any team not participating in the Skills Competition or the All-Star game designated for their division may face some, or all, of the following disciplinary actions:
  1. Forfeiture of remaining games; and/or
  2. Suspension of coaches for ALL games following completion of the Skills competition including playoffs and championship games; and/or
  3. Risk sanctions for future year's entry
Q: Why can I not enter my All-Star selections?
A: All-Star selections will not be available to be placed on the website until all of the groupings within each division have been finalized. Once this process is complete, All-Star selections will be available to be inputted into the tournament website.
Q: When do my selections for the Scotiabank-Canadian Tire All-Star game have to be entered?
A: All-Star and Skills competition player selections are required to be entered into the Bell Capital Cup website no later than December 21, 2011.
Q: What is the link to the team's Bell Capital Cup account?
A: Team's accounts may be accessed by using the username and password provided upon registration and using the following URL: http://www.oihf.net/registration
Q: When is the schedule released?
A: The schedule for the 2012 Bell Capital Cup will be released on December 12, 2011. Once the main schedule is released please check back frequently until the schedule is marked as FINAL. The Esso Friendly Game schedule is released shortly after the main tournament schedule is final. All efforts are made by the organizing committee to release the schedule as early as possible and before December 12, 2011 but this cannot be guaranteed.